meat case1 Knightstown Meats and Catering offers a full line of retail meats from beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, venison, elk and buffalo.  With our two walk-in smoke houses, we produce our own cured and smoked meats, ham, sausages, brats, marinades, and custom orders.

Thursday thru Saturday visit our fresh meat case where meat is cut daily for your grilling pleasure. Available every day, you will find our top selling venison summer sausage in a variety of flavors, beef summer sausage, venison & beef snack sticks, our very own jerky, Wisconsin’s finest cheese “Jim’s Cheese, and locally produced goat cheeses.  Year round sales of Michigan fruit as well as an array of spices and specialty sauces. We offer two sources of local raw honey.

Seasonally we offer deer and wild game processing. We offer K-9 raw diets by the pound or in bulk, and a variety of dog treats such as smoked bones, fresh bones with marrow, and pig ears.

Stop by and check out our selections.

What’s For Dinner?

cheese and ready to eat  fresh cuts  sauces


Other Important Information:

We accept Food Stamps, Mastercard, Discover & Visa

We offer Gift Certificates

We are a state inspected facility and can only sell our products in the state of Indiana.